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h264 vs XviD
Check out my new video on x264 encodes and why I use it. Here are two example screen shots: First is the XviD and here is the h264. As you can tell there is serious pixelation that happens with DivX and it simply cannot keep up with the newer h264 codec. For this reason I have moved to h264 (x264) as of August 2010 and all my encodes are now using that format. I use the MKV container type as I am able to contain the h264, aac, chapters, and subtitles all in a single source file. Be looking for an updated video soon!

Problems with DTS-HD 7.1 downmixing in StaxRip?
If you are having problems encoding BluRay movies DTS 7.1 audio to AAC then here is the solution! Just download this file, extract the contents to your staxrip directory and view the included "1. HOW TO - READ ME.txt" file to install it. This is included in "TBK's Complete StaxRip" package to the right.

How to encode a BluRay to x264 in an MKV container

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DVD Shrink

StaxRip Versions
TBK's Complete StaxRip V1.1.7.2 package
TBK's Complete StaxRip V1.1.7.1 package

StaxRip V1.1.7.1
StaxRip V1.1.6.7-final
StaxRip V1.1.6.4
StaxRip V1.1.5.3
StaxRip V1.1.5.2
StaxRip V1.1.3.7-final
StaxRip V1.1.2.3
StaxRip V1.1.2.2
StaxRip V1.1.2.1
StaxRip V1.1.2.0
StaxRip V1.1.1.9
StaxRip V1.1.1.8
StaxRip V1.1.1.5
StaxRip V1.
StaxRip V1.1.1.3 (Version used in top video)
StaxRip V1.1.1.2
StaxRip V1.1.1.1

Older Generation StaxRip
StaxRip V1.1.1.0 (Version used in bottom video)
StaxRip Templates (Version used in bottom video)
StaxRip V1.1.1.0 + pre-downloaded content

Additional Files
.Net 3.5
DVDFab 8.10
DVDFab 6.01